Crafton Tull Statement on COVID-19 Policies

Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to share how the team at Crafton Tull is approaching the rapidly changing situation.

First and foremost, we are open for business. The health and safety of our employees and the clients we serve is priority number one. With that in mind, we have implemented policies to help do our part to slow the spread of the virus.

We are grateful to be in a position technologically that allows many of our employees to work from home. In addition, we have teleconference capabilities that allow our project managers to discuss their projects in detail with clients. These steps are allowing our staff to continue focusing on our clients’ projects just as we normally would.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer paid time off and paid sick leave options to each of our employees so no one has to make the choice to come to work if they are ill or exhibiting symptoms.

We know that continuing to work and provide quality service to our clients is good for our communities, as well as the physical and emotional well-being of those we employ and serve. The plan at Crafton Tull is to adapt to whatever comes our way with the attitude that we are all in this together.