Macy's Fulfillment Center

Macy’s is among the largest internet retailers in the world, generating more than $4 billion in annual

e-commerce sales. In 2013, Macy’s announced plans to build a 1.3-million-square-foot direct-to-consumer fulfillment center to serve its online customers better. The site evaluation process included consideration of more than 150 sites in multiple states. Crafton Tull prepared a comprehensive feasibility study for the 74 acres chosen to build the facility.

Upon finalizing site selection, Macy’s revealed its desire to build the $170 million facility via a fast-track design-build process. A 12-month target completion date meant earthwork needed to begin as quickly as possible. Crafton Tull adopted a heavily compressed, front-loaded schedule allowing construction crews to start on schedule.

The design included three off-site stormwater detention basins, 1,356 total parking stalls, 103 trailer parking stalls, approximately one mile of 12” waterline, sanitary sewer, platting, and adjacent public roadway widening and extensions.

Operating under contracts with multiple organizations, including Macy’s, Tulsa County, Owasso Land Trust, and Layton Construction, Crafton Tull provided civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, and construction observation services.