Little Rock AFB Damage Assessments

Crafton Tull was enlisted to provide technical engineering support to a rapid damage assessment team that was charged with providing damage reports, repair estimates, planning and programming necessary for executing storm damage repair efforts. The damage assessment team included architectural and civil engineering professional from Crafton Tull.

The assessment phase included the inspection of 67 structures facilities and the preparation of 8 structural assessments. Each structure & facility was thoroughly examined by the entire team. A report detailing the observed damages and including a preliminary repair estimate was then prepared and delivered to Base Civil Engineering Staff. The information included in the damage assessment reports was then used to determine the funding source and execution strategy for each of the necessary repair project. Following the assessment phase Crafton Tull was retained to assist in the preparation of scopes of work and detailed repair estimates required for the award of permanent repair construction contracts.

Detailed repair estimates were created by each engineering discipline using RS Means data and compiled into an overall repair estimate using e4clicks software. Depending on the scale and complexity of the required repair, a scope of work for a specific building or group of building was written for a particular method of contract procurement and award. The final phase of the project included answering contractor RFI’s that were generated during the bidding process, coordinating and leading onsite contractor visits, and review analyzing contractor bid proposals.