Hillsboro Gateway Master Plan


The Crafton Tull Team was commissioned by the City of El Dorado to create a community-driven plan for the planned expansion of the US 82 B corridor through an economically and socially diverse area of town.  The project’s primary purpose is to determine a street cross section that accommodates multiple modes of transportation, incorporates complete streets principles, minimizes impacts to existing structures, creates an environment to strengthen existing businesses, supports economic development, and creates a gateway into El Dorado’s downtown festivals and events area. The plan also addresses land use and development regulatory issues along the corridor to create harmony between the public realm (within the right of way) and private realm (land uses beyond the right of way).  

Extensive community involvement with residents, business owners, property owners, and elected officials is underway to develop community consensus on the desired level of factors such as economic development, urban design/land use, streetscape, and access management, followed by close coordination with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to incorporate the City’s vision into project implementation.  

2019 Winner of the Studies, Research, and Consulting Engineering Services Category for the ACEC Arkansas Engineering Excellence Awards.
2018 Achievement in Urban Development Award from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Planning Association.