Magnolia Street, Bridge and Approaches


Magnolia Street is a public-private partnership that will connect 52nd Street and Promenade Boulevard across I-49 as a four lane road with additional turn lanes. Side paths allow for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.  

This roadway was developed in two projects. East of I-49 an approximately 1,850 linear foot segment of roadway bisects an approximately 50 acre plot. This segment required extensive drainage coordination and a series of four detention ponds. A 3x13 box culvert runs under Magnolia Street, connecting the first and second ponds.
Landscape design for this project included a waterfall with native boulders, eight different species of trees, flowering shrubs, native grasses, wetland grasses and wildflowers to edge the drainage area.

A second project runs approximately 830 linear feet and includes the bridge and the connection to Horsebarn Road west of I-49. The bridge overpass section of Magnolia Street is a 220’-0” continuous composite plate girder unit. It provides four lanes for vehicles and two shared use paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Mechanically stabilized earth retaining (MSE) walls were used to reduce the bridge length and keep the end slopes from encroaching on I-49. Aggregate piers were used to improve the foundation material underneath the tallest part of the MSE walls. An ashlar stone finish and decorative lighting were used on the bridge to enhance the I-49 corridor. The bridge design required close coordination with ARDOT. The bridge portion of construction was around $2.4M.