Bryant High School

The comprehensive study of this 20-plus acre tract, which contains 25 buildings and associated site improvements examined public access to the campus, student circulation and safety, student and staff parking needs, and proposed several site improvements. These improvements, which develop an overall campus atmosphere, include rerouting of bus traffic, the addition of student and staff parking, a main campus plaza and promenade, overall campus drainage plan and a new classroom building. The landscape architecture plan involved a number of native species of trees and shrubs, as well as types of plantings that are drought resistant, in order to reduce the amount of irrigation needed for the landscape. Also, a species of grass was chosen that does not require mowing to reduce maintenance costs, burning of fuel that introduces hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Trees were placed in close proximity to the paved areas to provide shade to the paved areas and reduce the heat island effect. The first design phase of the improvements began in Fall of 2009 and includes several drainage and utility improvements, public street realignments, new student and staff parking, and the classroom building which is to be registered for LEED Certification.