Gravette High School Athletics

Crafton Tull was asked to design a new multi-sport stadium for Gravette High School that would reflect the aesthetics of the adjacent high school, which the firm had designed two years earlier. The stadium features an eight-lane poly mat track/grass field. The press box is three stories with separate rooms for scoreboard operations, H&V Coaches, H&V Radio and a film deck. The site for the stadium was small and had a ravine running though it. To minimize the export/import of fill materials and reduce the amount of earthwork on site, the stadium was sculpted out of the ravine. The home side bleachers are built on the slope and spectator access is from the top down, resulting in a bowl effect. The track curbs are flush trench drains. Shrubs spell LIONS, the school mascot, and are located on the embankment by the northeast end-zone.

Crafton Tull was also responsible for the fieldhouse facility to support this program.