Drainage Study - Rogers, AR

In 1989, the City of Rogers determined it was necessary to establish standard criteria for developers and engineers to follow for drainage designs associated with development projects. The City of Rogers selected Crafton Tull to team with them in their endeavor, and to prepare the drainage manual that is still used today. As a part of the preparation for this drainage manual, Crafton Tull conducted a city-wide drainage study that divided the city into a network of drainage basins.  The study determined flow rates of these basins and key roadway crossings throughout the city.  Along with the flow information, the city was provided recommendations for upgrades at needed locations along with cost estimates for those upgrades.  These recommendations lead to the city selecting Crafton Tull to provided design services for the Turtle Creek Improvements; one of the major creeks with flooding problems in the City.  In 2008, the city selected Crafton Tull to rewrite the drainage manual to incorporate the latest hydraulic engineering techniques used in the industry.  We mapped the entire city’s storm drainage system as part of this study.