Alley & Street Improvements - North Little Rock, AR

This project consisted of paving approximately 350 feet of an 18 foot wide alley between a new high-density residential development and the existing downtown shop area. Crafton Tull was chosen to provide survey, civil engineering and inspection services. In addition to the alley paving, there were portions of 4th and 5th Streets that were improved. These improvements included replacing deteriorated storm sewer and pavement, as well as new concrete curb and sidewalk. 

Design constraints faced by this project included:
Utilities – Careful coordination had to be made due to the high density of utilities and the age of many of the utilities in the downtown district. 
Grade and Elevation – Due to the nature of downtown, grades and slopes had to be designed at minimum constraints to maximize vehicular and pedestrian traffic while still providing plenty of drainage. 
Community – This project was located in a downtown district in which the community is very involved and active. Special care had to be made to balance the benefits of development with the temporary hindrances of construction.