Stormwater Mapping - Pulaski County

Pulaski County is required to follow MS4 requirements for its urbanized areas and had been mapping its storm water systems using conventional surveying methods and then hand inputting data into PAGIS. Crafton Tull approached Pulaski County with its latest technology and innovations in efficiency to compete its mapping program. Data collection is now done in a fraction of the time it took prior to Crafton Tull’s involvement and with the customized computer software that was created by Crafton Tull’s staff, manual input of information is a thing of the past. The information above is the format that is automatically downloaded into PAGIS for Pulaski County directly from field data. Data in the field is collected from GPS rovers that utilize fixed base stations. The final step was the creation of an easy-to-use digital map of the storm sewer infrastructure. The client can now obtain detailed information on a particular storm sewer by simply clicking its location on the map.