I-49 Widening Highway 264 to New Hope Road


This project added lanes toward the median on each side of Interstate-49 and added a median barrier wall with bridges widened to three lanes of traffic plus shoulders.

Three sets of bridges were widened as part of this project with two designed internally and a third set designed by a subconsultant. Cracks and spalling were repaired on existing portions of the bridges as part of the widening project.

Wetland preservation, ditch treatment and seven detention ponds were used to treat runoff water to preserve habitat for the Ozark Cavefish as the karst underground rock was designated a moderate vulnerability area for the threatened species and an important location for treatment of ground water.

No right of way was needed for the median lanes, but additional right of way was required for detention ponds created to improve water quality along the highway.

This project was part of the Connecting Arkansas Program.

Recipient 2018 ACEC Arkansas Engineering Excellence Awards – Honors.