Hot Springs Village Comprehensive Master Plan


Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association (POA) engaged the Crafton Tull Team to prepare a 20-year Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) for the gated 26,000-acre development located in Garland and Saline counties. DPZ CoDesign, Randall Gross Development Economics, Great Destination Strategies, RPPY Architects, and East Harding Construction all played key roles on the consulting team. Numerous public engagement sessions, 3 public surveys, and a week-long charrette were employed to ensure the residents of Hot Springs Village had input toward the plan. The CMP provided specific interventions to address challenges within the Village, and it established policies for governance, budget & finance, economic development, marketing & communications, amenities & recreation, health & economics, public safety, zoning & aesthetics and utilities, infrastructure & transportation. The deliverable was a shared vision for a fiscally-sustainable approach to preserving the natural character of the community while redeveloping key areas to encourage strategic growth that will expand the housing and commercial choices currently found in the Village.

DPZ CoDesign led the Development Code writing by establishing a set of codes and standards for the POA to use in order to implement the Comprehensive Master Plan. The new codes combined and expounded upon three existing documents and effectively streamlined the development process yet established easy to follow guidelines for the Architectural Control Committee, who worked with the Team throughout the code writing process.

Winner of the2018 Achievement in Comprehensive Plan Development Award from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Planning Association